Hackers use Which Operating System (OS) ?

Most of my visitors always asking me that, which Operating system is used by Hackers ?.We can’t say that particularly all Hackers are using which Operating system,that completely depends on their mind sets and Compatibility.But as per records Linux is the Most used flavor for Hacking,because of its high anonymity and strength,hackers normally depends on Linux flavors.
But here Question is not about Windows or Linux.Its all about Which is the Specific Operating System used by the Hackers ?.We have majorly two Operating systems which are extremely Powerful and Strength enough to do What ever a Hackers want.

Those operating systems are also Flavors of Linux only,and also these are most widely used by the Ethical Hackers,Hackers,Penetration Testers and etc.The two Operating systems are…
1)  BackTrack  -  Download this from  http://www.backtrack-linux.org/ .
2)  Live-hacking   -  Download this from  http://www.livehacking.com/ .
BackTrack Operating System  :
BackTrack is an Operating system which is especially made for Hackers,ethical Hackers,Penetration testers etc.This operating system includes all the security assessments and features till date.This OS was made by a large community of Ethical Hackers and Penetration testers.
BackTrack4 Hackers use Which Operating System (OS) ?

BackTrack is the ” highest rated and acclaimed Linux security distribution to date. BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking. Regardless if you’re making BackTrack your primary operating system, booting from a LiveDVD, or using your favorite thumbdrive, BackTrack has been customized down to every package, kernel configuration, script and patch solely for the purpose of the penetration tester”.
If you are not aware how to use BackTrack then there is a forum called Offensive Security which teaches all about Back track and Hacking techniques but unfortunately its a Paid service.If you are Good enough to Buy the Packages then go ahead or Try to find in Torrents.
LiveHacking Operating System :
This is also one of the favorites for the Penetration testers and Hackers,because this Operating system is completely Bundled up with lots of Scripts and Packages ready to Hack.So this is also one of the Powerful flavor used by the Renewed Hackers.
Livehacking Hackers use Which Operating System (OS) ?
This Operating system is made by Dr. Jahangiri, a world-renowned information security expert, presents the next must-have in IT training: LIVE HACKING, the definitive and comprehensive workshop for White-hat computer hacking. This groundbreaking, insightful, and practical workshop will introduce IT professionals to the world of hacking and challenge existing concept about the victims and the consequences, but with an eye to empowering prospective victims with the knowledge they need to thwart the criminal elements in cyberspace.
If you want to learn Livehacking then just go to http://www.livehacking.com/ and there you will find a plenty of Videos and Tutorials for the newbies,So grab them and Have fun.


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